seatings greetings!

raising funds for camp chairs


We have been blessed with cabins and mattresses for the kids to sleep on... But now, what are they supposed to sit on in the daytime? Where are they supposed to eat their meals? In the past, we've used tarps and scrunched up the 30 something odd looking chairs from anywhere we could find.. Being good stewards of what He's given us. But this year, we've decided to raise the standards. We need 78 heavy duty plastic folding chairs that can be used for electives, morning devotion, meal time, evening sessions, and all other times. This is a real need that you can give towards today! And for every 20 dollars you give towards the chair fund, you will receive $5 off your child's registration this summer! Basically, you're paying for your child to have a place to park themselves. Please help and give to help the kids have a chair-ful summer!