The purpose of RFF camp is to provide a saturation model of discipleship and provide a safe, relaxed environment so that children can experience the love of God and the spirit of working together. We promote traditional family values and allow children to experience the innocence and charm of childhood.  We offer electives that are focused on creative arts and allow the children an opportunity to showcase what they have done the Sunday following camp, July 19th.  These creative art classes include: art, political process (elections), puppet making and performing, experimental arts, creative movement, drama, running a camp store and camp media. 


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JULY 16-18TH

From electives to horse-riding, the leaders of camp always set out to make sure that the campers have fun and are shown value. But even more than making sure that a student has a good time, we (as leaders) strive to bring the campers closer to Christ by the end of the week. We set out for kingdom results and not only making sure that a student has had a fun filled few days.

We will be having some amazing worship, teaching, and devotionals during camp. It will bring things into perspective and God will align your heart to His. We really do strive to have an encounter with God during the few days that we have together. So be ready to push right in and learn more about what our Father wants for our lives, and we can have fun in the process.

This camp is not your normal camp. This isn’t your average, expensive, strictly-run camp. The camp campus is not a campground but a home. Real people live on this property, 24/7. We are more about discipling the next generation and being counter-cultural than trying to fit into the norm. We are real. This camp is personal and stretching. You will come away with lifelong friendships and accountability partners. If you’re looking for an expensive camp that is structured and scheduled to the very last minute, you will not find what you’re looking for. But if you’re looking for an encounter with Christ and a chance to serve and be a servant to all.. Then look no further, because you will find it here. 

Some great things that the property holds:

  • a 160 ft long zip line, complete with a harness!

  • 24 ft round pool

  • a slack-line

  • a brand new bathhouse and bathrooms

  • 100 ft long zip line

  • 9 square

  • gaga ball

  • ALL new lodgings!

  • a rock climbing wall


more questions? 

July 9-19, 2020

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