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The purpose of Grow Camp is to provide a saturation model of discipleship and provide a safe, relaxed environment so that children can experience the love of God and the spirit of working together. We promote traditional family values and allow children to experience the innocence and charm of childhood.  We offer electives that are focused on creative arts and allow the children an opportunity to showcase what they have done the Sunday following camp, July 19th.  These creative art classes include: art, puppet making and performing, experimental arts, creative movement, drama, running a camp store and camp media. 

kids camp II-

created specifically for 7-9 year olds. this camp will be 2 days full of adventure, fun, and getting to know jesus in a level that is personally tailored to their age. We are so excited to be able to offer this for our youngest campers. mark this on your calendars cause you don't wanna miss this! 
registration opens may 1st. 

kids camp I-

built with those 10-12 year olds in mind, this camp is not only longer than kids camp I but it is also gonna be a little more challenging and we'll be asking deeper questions as well as pushing them to try new things. we are super excited to offer this new experience for these big kids!
registration opens may 1st. 

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Kids Camp I


Kids Camp II

teen camp- 

this 4 day immersive experience is built for those 13-18 year-olds in mind. teens have a lot of distractions in today's world so we love being able to unplug and just enjoy getting into his presence as well as creating relationships that will last a lifetime. 

registration opens may 1st. 

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Some great things that the property holds:

  • a 160 ft long zip line, complete with a harness!

  • 24 ft round pool

  • a slack-line

  • a brand new bathhouse and bathrooms

  • 100 ft long zip line

  • 9 square

  • gaga ball

  • ALL new lodgings!

  • a rock climbing wall

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Teen Camp

​This camp is not your normal camp. This isn’t your average, expensive, strictly-run camp. The camp campus is not a campground but a home. Real people live on this property, 24/7. We are more about discipling the next generation and being counter-cultural than trying to fit into the norm. We are real. This camp is personal and stretching. You will come away with lifelong friendships and accountability partners. If you’re looking for an expensive camp that is structured and scheduled to the very last minute, you will not find what you’re looking for. But if you’re looking for an encounter with Christ and a chance to serve and be a servant to all.. Then look no further, because you will find it here. 

Interested in staffing our camp?
We are looking for exceptional teens (ages 16 and up) that want to lead others and work camp.